8 Proven Compliments Women Can’t Resist
Sat, April 10, 2021

8 Proven Compliments Women Can’t Resist


Everyone gets a confidence and mood boost from a truly sincere compliment. A good compliment, when delivered with sincerity and honesty, is a win-win for both the giver and the recipient. They can spark a new conversation, create positive relationships, and allow us to see the good in ourselves. But it is not always an easy task for a man to compliment a woman he’s romantically interested in. His words shouldn’t come off as disingenuous, hollow, or creepy. It isn’t the right approach either to leave her starved of affirmation and affection.

AskMen, a platform that helps men improve their lives, said that the trick is to see the less obvious areas for praise. Calling her “the most beautiful girl in the world” is not good enough to impress her so you need to be a little bit more creative.

1. “I’ve learned so much from you.”

All of us wanted to feel as though we bring valuable information to the table. Whether the woman you’re interested in is street smart or book smart, let them know that you are eager to learn from them and that you value their input and opinions. Everyone can contribute in terms of knowledge, so look carefully about what your love interest is teaching you and compliment on that so it’s more genuine. For instance, you appreciate the way they listen, read, or watch.

2. “You’ve got such nice hair/eyes/teeth/lips.”

It will often be well-received if you tell a woman that she’s beautiful but the more specific you are, the better. Isolate her best features. If she’s got attractive eyes, tell her so. If she’s got gleaming white teeth, target such particular feature too. It can also be a good move to compliment her on her nails, hair, or skin. A lot of women put a lot of effort into those certain areas.

3. “You’re good at what you do.”

Whatever your love interest does in terms of hobbies, career, and side hustles, there is a chance that she is looking to be noticed for her success and skills. So, pay attention to things that matter most to her. However, if you know that she finds her 9-5 job soul-destroying, there’s no point to highlight those on her. Instead, focus on those that she truly values, such as art. Complimenting her on that work will set you apart from others and will make her fuzzy and warm.

4. “You’re hilarious.”

Madeleine Holden, who is regularly interviewed for her work on topics like body positivity, consent, and nude sharing etiquette, said that men are often so preoccupied with the belief that they need to be the funny one in the relationship. Yet, this idea can also lead to an awkward dynamic when the woman feels you are always trying to outshine her. On the other hand, she will warm up to you if you will sincerely compliment her humor. Letting your love interest, date, girlfriend, or wife know that she is fun to be around is best communicated by simply responding with a cry-laugh emoji to her funny texts or by laughing at her jokes. On occasion, reinforce it in words by saying, she has a sharp sense of humor, she’s hilarious, or that her smile is contagious.



5. “I love your confidence”

Confidence is a beautiful thing. You may have noticed her use positive words in her conversations, set clear goals, create success on her own without tearing others down, and give off a vibe that says, “I’m confident enough in my own skin.” She must have worked really hard to gain that confidence or was just born with it. Either way, telling her that you like her confidence can create a favorable impression in her eyes.

6. “I trust you completely”

Jealousy in a relationship can be a dividing force and causes one to worry that they are being replaced by another. While everyone gets jealous, it can be dangerous if the feeling runs a little wild. Carefully see the woman’s loyalty instead. Unless you have actual evidence that she is cheating on you, it would be nice to appreciate her for staying true to you.

7. “You make me want to be a better person.”

It may come off a little bit cheesy but if said in honesty, it is a compliment that slays. Women want to understand and know the value they bring to a man’s, especially their partner’s life. Certified relationship coach Tiya Cunningham-Sumter, who authored the book A Conversation Piece: 32 Bold Relationship Lessons for Discussing Marriage, Sex, and Conflict, told The List that telling a woman that you want to be a better person for her means that she’s important, special, and inspiring. That is an energizing compliment to hear. Elaborating why and how you want to live your best life because of her will also have the biggest emotional impact on her.

8. “You look great today.”

Holden said that although it is a “delicate business” to compliment a woman, you can still give a positive statement about her looks. Just keep it a bit more general, though. If you compliment her while she is on full makeup, for instance, it may make her feel that you don’t like it when she’s more dressed down. It is safe to say something like, “you look amazing, as always” or “you look great today.”



Online flower delivery site ProFlowers surveyed 1,000 women to find the best way to win a woman’s heart. A majority (48%) said making her laugh is the best way to win her over. Some 13% said it is by giving compliments, and 16% said by helping with errands.

But compliments are different from catcalls, which can make a person feel unsafe. According to YouGov, a large majority of the public (72%) say it is never appropriate to catcall. Most Americans (55%) also consider catcalls as harassment, 20% said it’s a compliment, while 24% said they are not sure. Those (31%) most likely to consider catcalls as complimentary are people under 30s.



Meanwhile, Inc. Magazine found that women accepted compliments 405% of the time. However, when the compliment was given by another woman, they only accepted it 22% of the time. The researchers considered the compliment accepted when it was agreed and acknowledged with a response, like “Thank you.”

So, start complimenting today and find out how great it makes you and the receiver feel.