Introducing the "Adults-Only" Sculpture Garden in Ireland
Sat, April 10, 2021

Introducing the "Adults-Only" Sculpture Garden in Ireland


Victor Langheld, born in Berlin, has lived with several different religious orders throughout Asia -- inspiring him to establish and design sculpture. Now, this is not an ordinary park or garden where people could enjoy their vacations. This place contains nudity and somewhat violent sculptures made of black granite meant for spiritual reorientation and philosophical enlightenment.


Credits: All That’s Interesting


Located in Country Wicklow in Ireland, the sculpture garden named Victor’s Way has seven major and 37 minor sculptures, all of which took 25 years to complete. It was established in 1989 after Langheld’s trip to India where he set out to gain spiritual enlightenment. "Victor's Way was designed as a contemplation (or meditation) space for lone adults between the approx. ages of 28 and 65 who feel the need to take some quality time out for R&R&R (i.e. rest, recovery &  spiritual reorientation),” he explained on the website. 


Credits: All That’s Interesting


According to All That’s Interesting, a site for curious people who want to know more about what they saw on the news or read in history books, some of the sculptures that can be seen in the garden include vagina with teeth, a naked woman forcefully separating from her child, and a man with no penis cutting himself in half. 


Credits: All That’s Interesting


However, Langheld decided to close the garden in 2015 after too many families started treating it like a theme park. He was serious about the purpose of the garden: to serve as a meditative experience for people. In 2016, Langheld reopened Victor’s Way with a firmer set of rules, emphasizing that the sculptures are meant to be viewed by those experiencing a midlife crisis or "dysfunction.”

"Victor's Way was not intended to be a commercial mass tourism enterprise. Sadly the recently increasing numbers of visitors that crowd the Way on Saturdays and Sundays are beginning to degrade its contemplative ambiance,” he said.




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