Man Stole Eight Motorcycles to Impress Girlfriend
Thu, April 22, 2021

Man Stole Eight Motorcycles to Impress Girlfriend


It’s normal to impress our partners, from giving them clothes to cooking them meals. After all, we just want them to be happy. But, this man from New Delhi, India went too far. 

Lalit has always been fond of throwing and attending parties to impress his girlfriend. However, all of these efforts weren’t enough to impress her, teasing him for not having a motorcycle. Hurt by her words, he decided to get not only one motorcycle but many of it to prove his worth to his girlfriend. Lalit discussed his plans to steal two-wheelers with his friend Saheed. The plan was then put in gear and the auto theft soon started. 


Credits: India Today


Together, they nabbed as many expensive motorcycles as they could. According to Oddity Central, an online site that features bizarre events, unique travel destinations, weird inventions, freaky characters, odd art, and many more, everything went smoothly and according to their plans. Lalit and Saheed managed to steal several expensive two-wheelers, which soon attracted the police. 


Credits: Viktoriya Kuzmenkova via 123RF


Cases of several motorcycles started being reported in many areas. The police were on their toes to nab the culprits. On March 6, the authorities received information that two potential criminals were in the Dwarka area. A trap was laid and on that same day, the two men pursued an expensive motorcycle without a license plate. This was enough for the police to positively verify their information. Both of them were arrested.


Credits: Mariusz Blach via 123RF


After inspecting the motorcycle used by the two men, the police discovered that that the expensive bike was reported stolen on February 21 from Bindapur in Delhi. Eventually, both of them confessed to their crime and revealed that they had stolen seven other two-wheelers: a total of eight auto theft cases. When asked why a law-abiding man like him would resort to theft, Lalit said that this was his way of impressing his girlfriend after she had teased him about not having his own bike.



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