Girl Was Held Captive in a Box By a Couple for Many Years
Thu, April 22, 2021

Girl Was Held Captive in a Box By a Couple for Many Years


Cameron Hooker, born in Alturas, California in 1953, is generally remembered by former elementary school classmates as “a happy kid” who enjoyed making the other children laugh. But, everything started to change when he and his family moved in 1969. Cameron became withdrawn and avoided social activities. His dark side finally came to light when he met Janice, his future wife.


Credits: All That's Interesting


Delighted by the attention he was giving her, Janice, who was only 15 at that time, immediately agreed when Cameron, 19, asked if he could suspend her from a tree by leather handcuffs. But, this would only be the first of many things she would experience with him. The violence Cameron performed on Janice got worse as their relationship progressed. While she admitted being hurt and frightened, she managed to stay in the relationship because he was so affectionate with her. They finally got married in 1975.

According to All That’s Interesting, a site for curious people who want to know more about what they see on the news or read in history books, Janice experienced multiple sadomasochistic acts from Cameron such as whippings, chokings, and underwater submersions. When she asked Cameron to have a child with her, he agreed but with one condition: he could take a “slave girl” with him. Janice agreed hoping that this would give her husband a different outlet for his painful fantasies. 


Credits: All That's Interesting


This is where Colleen Stan, 20, came into the picture. She was kidnapped by the couple and kept chained up in a coffin-like box under the couple’s bed. For over seven years, Colleen was whipped, electrocuted, and raped by Cameron. He frightened her, telling her that if she tried to escape, his associates from an underground organization known as “the Company” would track her down and kill her family. He had even brainwashed her into introducing him as her boyfriend to her family. 


Credits: All That's Interesting


Everything came to an end when Janice and Colleen decided to escape. This was after Cameron informed Janice that he wanted to have Colleen as his second wife. She reported her husband to the police and confessed all his crimes, recounting the abuse she and Colleen had suffered at the hands of Cameron. He was eventually found guilty on seven of eight counts, including kidnapping and rape. He received a series of sentences that amounted to a total of 104 years in prison.




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