Florida Woman Leaves Dead Boyfriend in a Suitcase
Fri, December 3, 2021

Florida Woman Leaves Dead Boyfriend in a Suitcase


It was supposed to be a fun Sunday night for the couple Sarah Boone and Jorge Torres Jr. in Florida. They were drinking Chardonnay and playing puzzles in their Winter Park apartment, until they decided to get Torres inside a suitcase as part of the game because “it would be funny.” He never got out of the suitcase. 


Credits: Daily Mail


The next morning, Boone frantically unzipped the luggage claiming that she forgot about Torres and went to sleep. She found her boyfriend unresponsive and not breathing. It took until the afternoon for Boone to call 911. During the interview with the police, Boone stated that she thought he’d get himself out of the suitcase and join her to bed. However, a video on her phone tells a different story.


Credits: All That's Interesting


According to the Daily Mail, a British daily middle-market newspaper published in London in a tabloid format, Boone gave verbal and written permission to the authorities to search her phone. After reviewing the contents of her phone, they found two videos from the night of Torres’ death, contradicting Boone’s version of events. In the video footage, she was seen mocking her boyfriend as she filmed his cries for help and telling him it was his punishment for cheating. 

"I can't f**king breathe, seriously," her boyfriend said in the phone video. "That's on you. Oh, that's what I feel like when you cheat on me," she responds.

Torres continued pleading and pushing as he tried to get out of the suitcase. “Yeah, that’s what you do when you choke me,” Boone tells her boyfriend in the video.

In the second video, Boone's phone shows the luggage in a different position. Torres is heard yelling Boone's name and saying, “I can’t f***ing breathe.”


Credits: All That's Interesting


According to All That’s Interesting, a site for curious people who want to know more about what they see on the news or read in history books, Boone is now booked at Orange County jail for second-degree murder. 



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