The World's First-Ever Muslim Pride Festival is Happening in London
Wed, April 21, 2021

The World's First-Ever Muslim Pride Festival is Happening in London


Imaan, the UK’s leading Muslim LGBTQ+ charity, has empowered thousands of LGBTQ+ Muslims since it was founded in London in November 1999. It has conducted social support meetings, conferences, retreats, Pride and religious celebrations and spiritual practice, aiming to reconcile sexuality and gender identity with the Islamic faith. Now, Imaan will be hosting the world’s first-ever Muslim Pride Festival this year in London.

“We are proud that over the last twenty years, we have managed to build a huge community and network across the UK and the world that supports and celebrates Muslim LGBTQI diversity on almost no budget,” the charity said. 


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According to Unilad, a British Internet media company and website owned by LADbible Group that provides social news and entertainment, the Pride festival aims to bring together and empower queer people who have faced homophobic, transphobic, and Islamophobic abuse for being themselves. It hopes to celebrate culture, identities, and faith through discussions with special guests, including bisexual Muslim activist Blair Imani, queer British-Iraqi writer Amrou Al-Kadhi, and trans activist and star of Channel 4’s Muslim Drag Queens Asifa Lahore.


Photo Credits: PinkNews


“The media has tried to control the narrative about queer Islamic identities for too long, often thrusting us into a horrific culture war, as if Islam is the mortal enemy of queer identity. ImaanFest, Muslim Pride is the perfect counter-narrative, reveling in the joys of queer Muslim identities, and giving us the chance to make our own space,” Amrou Al-Kadhi said.


Photo Credits: Unilad


According to PinkNews, a UK-based online newspaper marketed to the LGBTQ+ community, a spokesperson from Imaan also said that LGBTQ+ Muslims are often caught in the middle of Islamophobia and homophobia. “We want to provide a safe and inclusive space where people feel like they do not have to choose between identities and that they can be LGBTQI and Muslim without pressure from those who say otherwise,” it said. 




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