This Couple Had a Weed-Themed Wedding
Thu, April 22, 2021

This Couple Had a Weed-Themed Wedding


Couple Clara and Dusty Higgins from Grand Junction, Colorado married at their home ranch in 2017. But unlike other wedding ceremonies, their wedding didn’t follow the usual themes. Their big day was celebrated with a full-blown weed theme-- a perfect theme for a couple who both work in the cannabis industry. “Cannabis is a huge part of our lives, all of our friends use cannabis, we are in the cannabis industry and I wanted weed instead of wine!” the bride said. 


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Clara explained that she wanted a different wedding that would represent their love. While not all of their guests had used cannabis, they respected the theme of their wedding. To make their big day more special, they decided to hold the reception next to a cannabis field, which brought a whole new meaning to bridal flower arrangements. “We had our cannabis garden growing behind our reception area so our guests could look at them growing, they were just babies but it was still neat,” she said. 


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According to Unilad, a British Internet media company and website owned by LADbible Group that provides social news and entertainment, their wedding included a well-stocked cannabis bar loaded with pipes and bongs, with plenty of flower varieties to choose from. The couple also had a custom wedding bong, which the bride smoked before all her guests after exchanging their vows and sharing their first kiss as a married couple. 

“So, we had our ceremony and after we said our vows and had our first kiss as Mr. and Mrs. Higgins, our wedding officiate handed me the bong, loaded and ready to go. I took the first bong rip in front of everyone and he took the next! It’s like jumping the broom but for stoners,” the bride said.


Photo Credits: Unilad


The wedding bong was made by Oregon-based cannabis company Noble Glass. “I was planning my wedding and was thinking wow, it would be so special to have a bong made just for us on that day. So, I asked if they would and they were happy to! I told them the colors of my wedding, what I wanted and they made my baby,” Clara explained. 




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