This Man Has Been Eating Fries For Dinner Every Day Since He Was 13
Sun, April 18, 2021

This Man Has Been Eating Fries For Dinner Every Day Since He Was 13


When he was 13, Rudy Gybels, now 45, was not fond of eating fruits and vegetables. To get him to eat more healthy meals, his mother came up with a compromise: Gybels would eat healthy food at lunch so he could enjoy potato fries, his favorite food, for dinner. Since then, he has been sticking to that deal -- eating only fries and a fricadelle, a Dutch hot dog, for dinner for the last 32 years. 


Photo Credits: Rudy Gybels on Facebook


Gybels is a resident of Schaffen in Belgium’s Flemish Brabant province where he is dubbed “The Ultimate Belgian” because of his eating lifestyle. Strangely, he still weighs only 70 kilograms and claims to be healthy. However, he admitted that he’s scared of the impacts of his diet on his body. “Some people need their cup of coffee or their pack of cigarettes a day, me, I need my daily pack of fries,” he jokingly said. 


Photo Credits: Oddity Central


According to Oddity Central, an online site that features bizarre events, unique travel destinations, weird inventions, freaky characters, odd art, and many more, Gybels estimated that he has consumed more than 11,680 packs of fries in the past three decades. He admitted that there were two days when he wasn’t able to go out and buy his usual dinner, a pack of fries and a fricadelle, due to serious flu. 


Photo Credits: Oddity Central


Chief dietitian Michaël Sels from the Antwerp University Hospital, however, discouraged people from following Gybels’s lifestyle. According to him, it should not be used as an example that a long-term fast-food diet isn’t detrimental to human health because it can cause people to develop different diseases, including diabetes, cholesterol or cardiovascular disease. Gybels being healthy doesn’t guarantee that others won’t have problems with their health. 

“Some smokers are reassured by the example of a grandmother who smoked a pack of cigarettes a day until the age of 95 and never had lung cancer, but we obviously know that smoking tobacco is very bad for health. It’s the same with food,” Sels added.




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