7 Ways to Make You Feel Better About Yourself and Your Life
Mon, April 19, 2021

7 Ways to Make You Feel Better About Yourself and Your Life

Have you ever met someone so upbeat, even if things weren't going so great for them? Sure, they do feel down sometimes but they seem to just roll with the punch and maintain the right mindset about things. It could be that they have a formula for happiness.

You could live like that, too, if you want to. The following suggestions can make you feel better about yourself and your life as a whole.

7. Rejection is not failure, it’s redirection

Tim Denning, the author of the book How to Become a Game-Changing Influencer Online, shared that focusing on one's list of rejections can make a person believe that they are a failure. But a little change in perspective can change the whole picture. Believe that rejection is not a failure but only a redirection. Without rejection, a person might marry someone who abuses them every day. Without rejection, people would keep on trying to impress strangers. Without rejection, people would be doing work they don’t love. You see, rejection may be “keeping you from harm,” Denning added.

6. You have a lot more than what you think

Many people don’t feel sufficient or feel like they are not earning a lot of money as others do. However, being consciously aware of the good things you have in your life brings happiness. Some people are less fortunate than you are and can’t buy enough food for their family. Some have psychological problems and have their share of bad luck. Yet, there you probably are with enough money to sip a cup of Starbucks coffee.

5. Everyone struggles. It just doesn’t show

If you think you are struggling, you are not alone. Everybody is struggling. The American Institute of Stress states that about 33% of people in the US report feeling extreme stress, 77% experience stress that affects their physical health, 73% have stress that impacts their mental health, and 48% of people have trouble sleeping because of stress. The choices, therefore, are to enjoy the process or hate it. Remember that both of these realities are possible. Achieving things that you want requires overcoming challenges and this will build your mental muscle.

4. Understand that we all have noisy minds

You may sometimes think that you are the only one who is in a mess because your thoughts don’t give you a break. However, life can be a little better when you know that we all have noisy minds that think. Even the people that teach mental toughness also experience it.

Database company Statista shares the things that people from different countries worry about the most. The data shows that 71% of respondents in Spain, 65% in Italy, 58% in South Korea, 50% in France, and 40% in Canada worry about unemployment the most. The biggest concern of respondents in Russia is financial and political corruption (49%). In Germany, it's poverty and social inequality (47%). In India, their biggest concern is terrorism (46%), China's is about moral decline (41%), the United States worries about terrorism (41%), Japan's is poverty and social inequality (37%), and Britain’s biggest concern is immigration (36%).

British tabloid The Independent also surveyed 2,000 people to know what they are most worried about. The common answers included the crime levels in the area they live in, their pet’s health, if their fashion sense is good, if they are meeting their goals or work targets, whether they are a good parent or they are raising their kids right, whether they’ll find the right partner or their current partner is right for them, whether their parents still love them, and whether or not they are attractive. They also worry about finding a new job, paying mortgage or rent, their physique, their aging appearance or wrinkles, job security, credit card or financial debts, their diet, low energy levels, their financial future, and getting old in general.

3. You can always start now or start again

There is no need to wait for another person’s permission if you want to pursue something. If you want to sing, then go ahead and sing. Just take one small step at a time. Don’t wait for the perfect time. Start somewhere. Life would be so much better if you could start something today or start again. Procrastination is a form of self-sabotage and a great way to hinder your success. International network StudyMode, which provides students with online learning tools, conducted a study on procrastination. It detailed the common activities that students do instead of doing their homework: watching movies or TV (61%), using social media (58%), sleeping (46%), texting or talking on the phone (36%), hanging out with friends/significant other (30%), playing games (28%), reading (21%), and shopping (8%). Understand that many things can get in the way of you reaching your goals, but you can always counter that negativity.  

2. Give love to receive it

People crave love and attention in some form, whether that be from parents, romantic partners, friends, bosses, or strangers. If you want to feel better about your life, though, the secret is to give love and you will receive it back. It can be in the form of appreciation to others, of lifting someone when they are having a bad day, sharing something to a person who needs it, hugging your spouse as soon as you get home, being kind to other people, and saying “I love you” more often.

Our World in Data, a scientific online publication that focuses on large global problems, also shows that almost all countries with people who often spend time with their friends are happier compared to those who spend less time with their friends. The happiness of people in Moldova who often spend time with friends is 53% compared to those who rarely spend time with friends (39%). The same pattern exists in Albania (61%, 54%), Macedonia (76%, 57%), Montenegro (66%, 58%), and Zimbabwe (58%, 56%).

1. Be friends with life

Barton Goldsmith Ph.D., therapist and author of the book 100 Ways to Boost Your Self-Confidence, said that people should remember that the world does not punish them. People do that instead to themselves. What is important is they focus on opportunities and look at life from another perspective. They have to trust themselves and their inner resources, too.

Keep going. Know that every day is another chance to make things right and don’t forget to feel good about yourself.