Talented Make-Up Artist Dain Yoon Transforms Herself Into a Macbook 
Mon, April 19, 2021

Talented Make-Up Artist Dain Yoon Transforms Herself Into a Macbook 

Dain Yoon has transformed herself into her Macbook. / Photo Credit via Dain Yoon 


Dain Yoon has done it again. 

After showing the world how much she can blend in with her surroundings through the power of make-up, she has once again showed us her versatility in her creative make-up skills. This time, she has transformed into a Macbook. 

According to an article by Vice.com, a magazine focusing on lifestyle, art, culture, and politics, Yoon’s new look has sent Instagram abuzz once more, with many more people marveling at her creativity. 

Yoon has already been doing make-up for four years and through those years has managed to establish herself as a one of a kind artist. Just like this Macbook masterpiece, Yoon has also transformed herself to fit her surroundings, painting over her face to match the background around her pictures. 

Not only can she blend in -- quite literally -- but she also has a masterful understanding and respect of spatial awareness, which is apparent in her work. 

Just recently, her skills landed her on Ellen’s show, and even a collaboration with Halsey, wherein she covered the pop singer’s face in beautiful flowers, all of which you can check out on her Instagram page.

Aside from the photo she showed, Vice reports that she also co-directed with Halsey on her new single “Graveyard,” which was connected to the painting of Halsey’s face decked out with hyper-realistic flowers.  

This time, she has transformed herself into her Macbook, copying her screen and keypad nearly perfectly. While impressed, some of her fans pointed out how disorganized her laptop screen looked and Yoon knew it was all in jest and so assured her fans not to worry because she has never changed her desktop layout in 7 years and can navigate it just fine. 

She shared a little bit of her process when she created this look, saying:
"I would have to lay down my head for a very long time when I paint on myself, and at the same time I would need to check if everything looks good in the camera as well," she said. "Because I painted on the right side of my face, I couldn’t really paint while looking at the camera at the same time."