NikkieTutorials Urged Fans to Stop Trying to Find Her Blackmailer 
Wed, April 21, 2021

NikkieTutorials Urged Fans to Stop Trying to Find Her Blackmailer 

NikkieTutorials urged fans through a YouTube video to stop trying to find her blackmailer. / Photo Credit via NikkieTutorials/Instagram


When beauty YouTuber Nikkie De Jager, known to her fans on YouTube as NikkieTutorials, came out as trans, everyone was surprised and immediately lauded her for her bravery in finally telling her truth in her own time. But when the full story of the reason behind her coming out story unraveled, many fans were outraged that someone out there had used Nikkie’s own identity against her. 

And so, as a way to fight back, she took control of her destiny and revealed her identity her own way, before someone could take a hold of it and twist it against her. 

Fans immediately promised to throw hands at this blackmailer but Nikkie decided to just ask them not to do anything untoward until the suspect is apprehended, and now, in a report by beauty and lifestyle website Refinery 29, the blackmailer has finally been identified. 

The Dutch beauty YouTuber uploaded a “Get Ready With Me” video after her coming out video.

In the video, she talked about the blackmailer as she did her make-up, a dual-tone dazzling eyeshadow duo to celebrate her trans identity. She did a pink look on her left eye and did a blue one on her right. 

But other than make-up, she also took that opportunity to speak up on what had happened after her coming out video made the rounds on the internet. She introduced the topic in the video by addressing questions that people have been bringing up since she talked about her blackmailer. 

“In this video,” she began, “I want to clear up some questions that I’ve been seeing around over the past few weeks, and I literally just want to be an open book to you.”

Nikkie also freely showed her trans colors manicure, as well as fully talked about the issue with her blackmailer. Since revealing it, many have tried to find the blackmailer, which she had to stop people from doing, and said that finding the blackmailer is now the police’s responsibility. 

“We need to stop the witch hunt that I’ve seen going around. You are destroying people’s lives that aren’t even involved in this. I ask you to stop this.”