Here Are Just Some of the Things that Your Favorite K-Pop Idols Are Required to do As Idols 
Wed, April 21, 2021

Here Are Just Some of the Things that Your Favorite K-Pop Idols Are Required to do As Idols 

K-Pop artists always have to follow these strict rules. / Photo Credit: Dispatch via Wikimedia Commons


It takes a lot to be a K-Pop idol. Many of those famous now go through intense years of training to have just the right amount of skill to make it in the entertainment industry. And to make it in the cutthroat industry, sometimes, the rules for these artists have to be cutthroat as well. 

Here are just some strict rules that K-Pop idols need to follow that you may not know about. 

According to a report by Nicki Swift, a website delivering celebrity news, the first rule that K-Pop artists are made to follow is to not have a Tinder account. While this is common for nearly anyone thinking of entering the entertainment industry, for K-Pop stars, it’s an especially strict rule. 

For instance, recently, Chen of EXO admitted that all this time he’d been dating and had now gotten his girlfriend pregnant. It took a lot of courage to reveal this, especially since K-Pop idols are also discouraged from dating. 

Entertainment companies even go far to make sure that dating doesn’t happen because stars are also not allowed to be friends with anyone of the opposite sex. 

Former K-Pop artist Grazy Grace spoke about this rule in the K-Pop world and said that even those who would hang out with stars of the opposite sex outside performances would be advised not to, so much so that they weren’t even allowed to lounge together and would “always be separated.” 

For anyone who’s into K-Pop, they know that a band is a brand, so every little detail that fans see on stage, whether it’s ornamenting these artists or decorated all around them, everything has to be approved beforehand because they are all maintaining an image. 

CNN wrote about K-Pop: 

“K-Pop music is a big business and K-Pop bands not only endorse big brands but also become big-time brands themselves.”