Lizzo Accused of Cultural Appropriation in Rolling Stone Shoot 
Sun, July 3, 2022

Lizzo Accused of Cultural Appropriation in Rolling Stone Shoot 

Lizzo has been accused of cultural appropriation after wearing a “Chada” in her Rolling Stone shoot. / Photo Credit: Rob Latour via Shutterstock


Lizzo is at the top of her career. There is no denying that 2019 was the year she truly got her name out there, playing in the big leagues and making a statement with her stellar fluting skills and spitfire confidence. 

But fame is nothing if there is not even a little bit of controversy. 

Recently, Lizzo had done a spread for Rolling Stone, a music magazine, and according to many on the online-sphere, these photos were maybe a little tone-deaf. As a plus-size singer, Lizzo is known to be a very vocal person for body positivity and inclusivity in the world of music. 

However, she got into some controversy, yet again, when people noticed that her Rolling Stone shoot felt a lot like cultural appropriation. In a report by showbiz website Cheat Sheet, the “Truth Hurts” singer came under fire when she posted photos of her magazine spread on her Instagram, where fans immediately felt compelled to point out several things in the shoot. 

In one shot, she is shown wearing a “Chada,” which can also be called a “Mongkut” or a “Mokot,” a commonly-known headdress worn by people in Cambodia and Thailand. 

People pointed out the bizarre way in which Western artists seem to like using Asian cultures and Asian-inspired themes to decorate themselves with. One user who commented on Lizzo’s post lamented the fact that while she loved Lizzo and her music, it did not sit very well with them what Lizzo was trying to do in the shoot. 

“This is just the second time within the last few weeks that I’ve seen Asian dress used this way and it is NOT okay,” the comment read.  

Before this, Lizzo was also accused of supporting a brand owned by a person known to many as someone how appropriates black culture as well: Khloe Kardashian.