Google Wing's Innovative Drone Delivery Service
Wed, April 14, 2021

Google Wing's Innovative Drone Delivery Service

Businesses do not need a delivery driver who will get stuck in traffic / Photo Credit: gualtiero boffi (via Shutterstock)


Luke Dormehl of technology news channel Digital Trends reported that Google’s Wing started with a failure parable. In 2012, the team behind Wing showcased their initial prototype vertical landing and takeoff vehicle. The vehicle was capable of flying from one point to another and hovering and winching packages from the ground using a retractable tether. Wing then aimed to deliver defibrillators to people suffering from heart attacks. Alexa Dennett, who heads marketing and communications for Wing, told Digital Trends, “In the process of [exploring this idea] we realized that the drone technology wasn’t yet far enough along to be used as a reliable deliverer for that kind of urgent use-case.” Hence, they spent more than seven years to develop an “energy-efficient, fast, reliable, and safe drone delivery system.”

Wing is currently operating in the Australian cities of Canberra and Logan as well as in Helsinki, Finland and Christianburg, Virginia, USA.  Since Wing is legally allowed to fly beyond the operator’s line of sight, their drone delivery service makes it more accessible to more customers, specifically those who don’t have the resources to implement their own drone delivery programs. For example, a local coffee shop can collaborate with Wing to have coffee delivered to customers who normally would not walk past the store, Dennett explained.

Wing can also deliver the undeliverable. “…people can get deliveries to their door in a handful of minutes. That means ice cream that’s still frozen on a hot day when it’s delivered to your yard,” Dennett said. This is also applicable to delivering piping hot coffee to your doorstep. For businesses that sell ice cream, coffee, or anything “undeliverable,” they can take advantage of drones to usher a new generation of food delivery.

Dennett also said businesses do not need a delivery driver who will get stuck in traffic. She added that Wing’s business model is developed with scalability in mind. “We’re very confident that it will be significantly more cost-effective for businesses to use this delivery service,” she said.