Grammys Ratings Record Down for This Year’s Show 
Wed, April 21, 2021

Grammys Ratings Record Down for This Year’s Show 

Grammys views decline but remain decent / Photo Credit : Katie via Wikimedia Commons


The Grammys made everyone’s night just a little bit more special as the stars served looks, performances, and everything in between. But while the carpet caused a buzz on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, the viewership of the actual show declined. 

According to news website CNN, while the Grammys this year had decent ratings, it still indicated, after comparing the previous record numbers of the show, that the ratings have just kept on dipping though not enough for it to fall through. 

Hosted by Alicia Keys, the show only had an average of 18.7 million views, which is actually a 6% drop from last year. Many of the musicians who came to celebrate their fellow musicians’ success also came to mourn the passing of NBA Legend Kobe Bryant, who died just hours before the Grammys. 

Nielsen does report that there has been marked improvement since 2018, during which the viewership had been most abysmal. 

In 2019, viewership ratings “registered a marginal improvement over the previous year, which experienced a precipitous loss of audience.” 

This year, it seems people are coming back to watching the show as CBS states that they recorded 38 million people at least watching a few minutes, which was still a higher number than any of their entertainment programs. 

Those who had CBS All Access also contributed to the Grammys views, as the streaming service saw a 30% pick-up in views. However, awards show are still effective magnets for broadcasters because “they’re among the few events that people feel compelled to watch live, as opposed to recording and zapping through the commercials.” 

Advertisers are also quick to jump to the Grammys bandwagon largely because the show has more younger audiences than older ones, and advertisers are looking to advertise to these young people.