Get Ready, “Ghost in a Shell” Fans! Netflix Just Dropped the Trailer 
Thu, April 22, 2021

Get Ready, “Ghost in a Shell” Fans! Netflix Just Dropped the Trailer 

“Ghost in Shell: SAC_2045” is coming soon on Netflix / Photo Credit via Kaspars Grinvalds via 123RF


It has undergone many changes and had its fair share of controversy, but “Ghost in a Shell” is back and better than ever on Netflix. 

According to technology news and media network The Verge, “Ghost in a Shell” is likely the first thing that people will notice when they watch the series’ new trailer. The series had gotten a full CGI makeover and while now beautiful, was a bold move and a stark deviation from what fans of the show were accustomed to. 

Nevertheless, the fact that Netflix saw fit to release the animated series, no matter that it underwent major animation changes, indicates that there is still market for the series. 

The show, which is pegged to be released in April, is set in a cyberpunk world and mostly follows the story of Major Motoko Kusanagi. In “Ghost in a Shell: SAC_2045,” which is the original title of the series that Netflix will be releasing on their platform, the story will also revolve around Motoko Kusanagi, “a cyborg cop, and crime-solve task force Public Security Section 9.” 

Those excited for this iteration can also stay tuned for other announcements from Netflix, considering they announced the “Ghost in a Shell” series debut on the platform alongside their 2018 announcement that they will be releasing a live-action version of “Cowboy Bebop,” a popular anime in the late 90s. 

Since the “Ghost in a Shell” trailer just dropped, there’s not much consensus yet as to whether or not the fans are looking forward to this iteration. But it already looks worlds better than the most controversial version of it, which starred Scarlett Johansson as Major, a move that has since brought many fans of the series to despise this iteration.

From the looks of it, though, this iteration might just be received at least a little better than its whitewashed version.