Bigfoot TV Series Utilizes Drones and Other High-Tech Gadgets to Track the Creature
Thu, February 2, 2023

Bigfoot TV Series Utilizes Drones and Other High-Tech Gadgets to Track the Creature

Members of "Expedition Bigfoot" use tech tools to study 50 years of Bigfoot sightings / Photo Credit: CineBlade (via Shutterstock)


“Expedition Bigfoot,” a TV show currently airing on Travel Channel, hopes to bring the latest research on Bigfoot to light, reported Bonnie Burton of CNET, an American media network. “Expedition Bigfoot” team member and university primatologist Mireya Mayor explained, "When you have this many modern-day reports, you have to take that seriously. All you need is that one to be true." The team is also comprised of Bigfoot Collectors Club podcaster Bryce Johnson, former military/survivalist Russell Acord, Bigfoot researcher/author Ronny LeBlanc, and Bigfoot investigator Ryan Golembeske. 

There have been many Bigfoot-themed shows in the past, but “Expedition Bigfoot” employs a more unique approach. The team members use tech tools to study 50 years of Bigfoot sightings. Then, they try to determine when and where to encounter the beast using an algorithm and the data they have.

Mayor stated, “And all of the technology we had at our disposal is unlike anything I've ever seen—an artillery of tools most scientists don't have the advantage of having.” Some of the tools on the TV series include drones to take aerial footage, thermal scopes, trail cameras, 3D image scanners, and night vision goggles. The researchers also used Ozonics to eliminate the human scent that could alert the Bigfoot.

But even if they are equipped with high-tech gadgets, the researchers were having difficulty to find usable evidence to prove that Bigfoot exists. Mayor acknowledged that the most difficult part was dealing with many “unexplainables.” She can figure out an explanation for anything, but there were things in the expedition that they saw or that happened to them that science itself failed to explain.

Another challenge was the way rain, hail, and the cold affect animal behavior, she added. Despite those challenges, the researchers hope to shed more light on the Bigfoot legend, reminding viewers that the mysterious beast might not just be a mere campfire tale. After all, Bigfoot represents the unexplored parts of the world, and the unexplainable still exists, Acord stated.