IoT Community Collaborates IEEE IoT On IoT Adoption
Tue, April 20, 2021

IoT Community Collaborates IEEE IoT On IoT Adoption

The IoT Community will host its Second Annual IoT Day Slam 2020 on April 9th / Photo Credit: a-image (via Shutterstock)


IoT news channel IoT for All reported that the Internet of Things Community (IoT Community), the world’s largest and longest-standing global independent IoT thought leadership community, and the IEEE IoT Initiative announced a series of collaborative activities. The activities are meant to accelerate the development of IoT for broader adoption across industries, as well as to speed up the digital transformation. IEEE is the world’s largest technical professional organization that focuses on advancing technology for humankind.

The organizations signed an agreement to work on a set of initiatives to curate and generate IoT thought leadership. The agreement seeks to establish a common industry language and framework in Industrial IoT and Manufacturing, smart cities, precision agriculture, healthcare, security and privacy, computing and information processing, communications and connectivity, and more. The IoT community and the IEEE IoT will share commercial, standardization, and technical insights to explore more opportunities for collaboration on technologies, exchange information and expertise, and formulate solutions for the purpose or developing IoT at a much faster rate.

The result will be offering a compelling and complete IoT thought leadership, offering enterprises and industries real-world use cases and proven best cases. The two organizations will collaborate to share information, as well as to explore Industrial Internet of Things-related discussions. Other areas of interest will also be explored. To achieve that goal, the IEE will produce and share IoT-related training content. The IEE and the IoT Community will also educate industries on the role of IoT in industrial sectors and in the enterprise, collaborate on events, and share pertinent research and expertise.

With that, the IoT Community will host its Second Annual IoT Day Slam 2020 on April 9th as part of the IEEE’s World Forum on the Internet of Things, which will take place from April 5 to April 9 in New Orleans, USA. Heinrich Stüttgen, Chair of the IEEE IoT Initiative explained, “Harnessing the power of the Internet of Things is essential for the successful development of digital transformation across enterprise and industrial sectors."