Eminem’s Surprise Album “Music To Be Murdered By” Debuts At Number One
Mon, October 25, 2021

Eminem’s Surprise Album “Music To Be Murdered By” Debuts At Number One

Eminem debuts tenth album in the number one spot upon comeback / Photo Credit: Mika-photography via Wikimedia Commons


Eminem may have had a rocky 2018 but his comeback into this new year is as successful as ever. After dropping “Music To Be Murdered By,” a surprise project, Eminem has won yet another number one spot for the tenth time. 

Already, the album has sold 279,000 units and 117,000 actual purchases. It has flown up to the Billboard 200 and is yet another successful album by the rapper. In a report by business magazine Forbes, Eminem has always had consistent success on most of his other projects. 

He’d already won awards for his 2000 “The Marshall Mathers LP,” for his 2002 “The Eminem Show,” his 2004 “Encore,” 2009’s “Relapse,” 2010’s “Recovery,” the second LP to “The Marshall Mathers” in 2013, “Revival” in 2017, and even 2018’s “Kamikaze.” 

Aside from this win, he has also done well in terms of movie soundtracks, with his work on the “8 Mile” album being part of the list as well, though the album was labeled a various artist release. 

Eminem has journeyed long since his humble beginnings. Sure, he might not have started out a legend, that’s just because none of the greats do, but his “The Slim Shady LP” of 1999 showed the world that he had it in him to make it in the industry. 

Since then, he’s been both successful and highly-regarded as an icon in the rap game, although recently, there have been varying opinions about his place. He remains iconic, of course, and the units he sells per album release is a testament to that greatness. 

Finally, the Forbes report writes: 

“Since ‘Music to Be Murdered By’ was a surprise release, none of the songs featured on the tracklist have appeared on any Billboard chart, though there’s a good chance that quite a few will make their way to the Hot 100 when they refresh in a day or so.”