iKuddle's AIoT Ecosystem
Wed, April 21, 2021

iKuddle's AIoT Ecosystem

iKuddle's AIoT Ecosystem is an example of how companies are encouraging consumers to buy into a whole ecosystem of products / Credits: Axel Bueckert via 123RF


This year’s CES has introduced many groundbreaking technologies and inventions from several tech companies. All of these aim to help humans with their daily tasks. However, the innovations at CES 2020 not only cater to humans but also cats. iKuddle, a company that develops pet-centric AI Internet of Things (AIoT) smart devices, recently launched its AIoT ecosystem. 

According to ZDNet, a business technology news website that covers breaking news, analysis, and research to keep business technology professionals in touch with the latest IT trends, iKuddle's AIoT ecosystem offers a comprehensive solution for monitoring your pet's health on a day-to-day basis. It has a smart, self-cleaning litter box called Auto-Pack Litter Box, AI-powered iKuddle Water Fountain, and iKuddle Auto Feeder. All of these offer a self-reliant system that intelligently monitors a cat's health and adjusts its food or water intake accordingly. 

The AIoT ecosystem works by collecting a variety of health-related data points from your cats through a suite of smart home pet products. This not only monitors their health but also alerts owners to any drastic health changes that may need the attention of a veterinarian. At the same time, it can recognize irregularities in a cat’s lifestyle, whether it isn't eating or drinking enough, as well as the content of its waste that may raise suspicions about its health. 

iKuddle’s AIoT ecosystem is an example of how companies are encouraging consumers to buy into a whole ecosystem of products. For instance, all of these iKuddle products enable pet owners to glean insights about their pets' health. Aside from that, they can monitor and track your cat's bathroom breaks, including the frequency of these breaks. 

“In other words, your cat’s health data is collected by the kitty litter box, and iKuddle will adjust your pet’s food portions and hydration automatically. Just select your cat’s species, desired and current weight into the accompanying app and let iKuddle take care of the rest,” the company said.