Amazon Utilizes IoT to Care for Its Employees
Sun, January 23, 2022

Amazon Utilizes IoT to Care for Its Employees

Amazon gives workers resources to use when they’re sick through their Amazon Care / Photo Credit: PopTika (via Shutterstock)



Caleb Danziger of IoT news website IoT for All said Amazon is leveraging IoT devices to give workers resources to use when they’re sick through their Amazon Care, the e-commerce giant’s new program. Amazon Care is an extension of a “traditional health insurance plan,” with the firm piloting for some of its employees in Seattle. People are eligible for this program if they work at Amazon or are a dependant of someone who does, as well as enrolled in health insurance by the company and work in some of the areas where the program is available. It is an IoT-based smartphone app that enables participants to connect to the care they receive from professionals online or in-person. One of the major benefits of Amazon Care is that people do not need to sit in waiting rooms as they can get the health care they receive from the program, Amazon said.

People who sign up for the program can use it for their urgent care needs, sexual health concerns, vaccinations, and lab work. An Amazon care employee can provide those too if an individual is preparing to travel abroad and needs tips for staying healthy. On the other hand, a person called a Care Courier can bring the necessary medication to a patient’s home or office within two hours if their diagnosis requires treatment with prescription medicine.

Once a user verifies their eligibility for Amazon Care, they can use the service on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. and on weekends from 8 a.m. to 6 p,m. The app gives patients a choice of talking to a provider via chat or video stream after stating their health concerns. The provider then uses one of those methods to communicate with the patient and cater to their needs.  A health professional is sent to the person’s location if the provider thinks the user needs a face-to-face evaluation.

There’s also a care summary component in the app that provides information on a patient’s diagnosis, notes from the doctor, and their recommended treatment plan. They can view the summary as a PDF if they want to read it outside of Amazon Care. Users can fill out information such as their health history and payment details. Since many people own smartphones, it’s not surprising for Amazon and companies to embrace IoT and explore its benefits to human health.