A Black Woman on TikTok Just Illustrated the Shade Range Problem of the Beauty Industry 
Mon, October 25, 2021

A Black Woman on TikTok Just Illustrated the Shade Range Problem of the Beauty Industry 

Photo Credit via @imnotbijou on TikTok 


The beauty industry has made so much progress when it comes to accommodating customers who are people of color, but they have to continue on with this pursuit because a black woman on TikTok just proved through a short video that the industry still hasn’t improved efforts in the shade range department. 

According to a report by Indy 100, a news site under Independent UK, the video was shared by @makeupiztherapy on Twitter from TikTok user @imnotbijou. In the video, she is shown to be putting makeup on her face. 

First was the eyebrows, a powder, foundation, and then some concealer. After that was done, she was seen using an actual eyeliner to contour her face. The makeup video went viral instantly on Twitter after @makeupiztherapy shared it with the caption: 

“Her make up came out so f*cking bomb but she HAD to used eyeliner to contour her face!! & ik makeup has no rules or whatever, but someone asked her why and she said she can’t find her contour shade. BRANDS DO BETTER BE MORE INCLUSIVE CREATE DARKER SHADES.” 

Such an opinion is shared widely by many in the beauty community, and so in no time, the post racked up enough attention to be viral. 

As of writing, the tweet now has 60,000 retweets, 361, 000 likes and over 61,000 comments. 

After the post went viral, more people shared the real life of dark-skinned black women in their lives who also encounter the same problem. One user shared: 

“I remember this dark skin girl was mentioning how she doesn’t contour because they don’t make contour shades dark enough for her and someone was like it’s hard for companies b/c they would have to make a black contour shade and i’m just like ‘so make a black contour shade…’”