AI Can Improve the Use of Renewable Energy
Wed, April 21, 2021

AI Can Improve the Use of Renewable Energy

Harnessing renewable energy has become a global endeavor / Photo Credit: Soonthorn Wongsaita (via Shutterstock)


Calvin Hennick of technology news channel BizTech reported that harnessing renewable energy has become a global endeavor as major players in the industry compete with scrappy startups to optimize solar and wind power usage. However, no utility firm has completely cracked the code that will allow renewable energy sources to fully supplant fossil fuels as renewable energy sources can be unpredictable. The wind or solar energy gathered by a company must either be consumed immediately or stored in batteries. Moreover, suppliers try to meet the demands of consumers as economically as possible. With the negative impacts of carbon emissions and the swelling population, AI can make renewable energy more practical on a larger scale.

Utility companies are taking advantage of AI and machine learning to manage and track factors affecting renewable energy. For instance, AI can improve the reliability of solar and wind power as it can analyze volumes of meteorological data to make predictions. With these insights, utility firms can better serve customers by removing the guesswork from the gathering, storage, and distribution process. AI can also manage distributed energy and integrate microgrids if this technology is deployed all over a utility company’s departments. AI can also enhance intelligent energy storage by collecting and analyzing data to identify which batteries are best for power allocation.

There are energy companies that are currently leveraging AI to facilitate and enhance their internal systems. To illustrate, Nnergix, an online energy and weather forecasting company, collates data from the energy industry to make predictions and develop accurate weather forecasts using AI. Smart home firm PowerScout also leverages AI to find spots in its code that allow consumers to save money. Even Google DeepMind used AI in 2014 and 2016 to help reduce the amount of energy needed to cool the tech giant’s massive data centers.

The renewable energy sector is becoming a key economic force all over the globe. “The combination of artificial intelligence and renewable energy seems to be the perfect marriage of an emerging technology with a maturing industry,” declared Imaginovation, an award-winning, premium technology, and development company based in North Carolina, specializing in custom mobile app development, web applications, IoT & AI technologies.