Culture Study Finds Pop Music Is Evolving Very Slowly 
Wed, April 21, 2021

Culture Study Finds Pop Music Is Evolving Very Slowly 

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Pop music is all around us. It comprises most of the songs that we hear on the radio and are usually the songs we can sing from memory only because they are often played by neighbors, classmates, restaurants, and other places. 

But a new culture study found that in all the pop music we have heard all these years, its evolution is yet to come. More specifically, while it is evolving, it is evolving very slowly. 

According to Classic FM, a UK-based station broadcasting classical music, these findings were from the New Imperial College of London. The study said that while most people would assume that pop songs have evolved in past few years, probably in part because all pop songs of a certain era sound different from one another, the opposite is true. 

The Imperial College decided to measure the evolution of music through the same measurement that is used by evolutionary biologists to understand the different populations of creatures. 

According to the authors of the study, they decided to do this because they thought, “It was originally developed by evolutionary biologists to compare very different populations of creatures -- we, said, well why not culture then, too?” 

Using this metric, they found that most pop singers and bands in the past years often relied on “noisy aggressive music with lots of drums and guitars as well as girl bands with smooth, rounded vocals.” 

For comparison, the report states that transposing the same techniques to make a certain song palatable has always been a common practice. In the case of pop music, it’s just that the tried and true methods are more repeated than in any other genre. This is why it is a little different John Williams and his Tchaikovsky and Wagner influences when writing the brilliant score for Star Wars.