DeTect Technologies Help Industries Monitor Equipment and Automate Processes
Thu, April 22, 2021

DeTect Technologies Help Industries Monitor Equipment and Automate Processes

DeTect Technologies was founded in 2016 to automate industrial processes / Photo Credit: Kodda (via Shutterstock)


Shreya Ganguly of Entrepreneur, a news platform dedicated to publishing content on entrepreneurship and business, reported that Chennai, India-based DeTect Technologies is helping industries that use heavy equipment automate the inspection process on several structures like pipelines, stacks, etc. The company offers real-time monitoring of pipelines, helping firms detect leakages and prevent accidents. DeTect Technologies also uses drones for inspecting industrial assets while providing a platform that aggregates data from UAVs and cameras to monitor progress.

DeTect Technologies was found by Indian Institute of Technology-Madras alumni Tarun Misha, Daniel Raj David, Harikrishnan AS, Karthik R, and Professor Krishnan Balasubramanian in 2016. 25-year-old David told Entrepreneur India that their journey first started in IIT when his co-founders were researching on their projects. Mishra and professor Balasubramanian created the material, which was capable of generating signals at high temperatures. The team noticed that the pipelines used for industrial work were at high temperatures. Sadly, there was no technology to monitor the pipelines. In fact, they could only be checked during shutdowns when the pipelines were at room temperatures. Hence, David and his co-founders decided to launch the invention to the market to offer industrial equipment monitoring solutions, particularly those working in high temperatures. David explained, “Our technology allows the industries to monitor these structures without having to wait for shutdowns.”

DeTect’s NOCTUA is an industrial drone used for asset inspections equipped with automated visual and thermal inspection of industrial infrastructures, minimizing maintenance and inspection efforts. Its GUMPS (Guided Ultrasonic Monitoring Pipelines System) is an intelligent sensor that monitors changes in pipeline thickness in real-time. GUMPS can operate at high temperatures of up to 300 C, bolstering the efficiency of the inspection process.

 David said they launched GUMPS and NOCTUA for commercial use in 2019 and is slated to release another product named T-Pulse. DeTect plans to focus on expanding to other regions. David explained, “In 2020, the main plan is to place Detect Technologies as a sort of industrial means not just in India but in areas like the US, Europe, Middle East and Southeast Asia.”