Why Agencies Are Cautious About Using AI for Cybersecurity
Thu, February 2, 2023

Why Agencies Are Cautious About Using AI for Cybersecurity

Experts are skeptical of using AI in cybersecurity because the issue of cybersecurity is much larger than the efforts the technology is providing / Credits: Leo Wolfert via 123RF


Many cybersecurity experts rely on artificial intelligence to combat cyber attacks. They are becoming more interested in AI-based solutions to enhance cybersecurity, considering the benefits that it can provide. This includes gaining the ability to spot threats more quickly, saving time and money, and closing cybersecurity skills gaps through automation. For instance, experts can use AI to determine anomalous behavior. 

“You can’t have just a human being looking at hundreds or thousands of employees interacting with data. But you can rely on machine learning and data analytics to look at the behaviors,” George Kamis, CTO at Forcepoint, said.

Guy Cavallo, Deputy CIO of Small Business Administration, stated that AI can go through millions and millions of logs and tell what analysts what to look for. This is a huge help since it would normally take a long time for humans to sort through the logs to find something. AI and automation tools not only help in identifying the presence of malicious actors immediately but also determining when they penetrate agency firewalls. 

However, many experts are skeptical of AI. Transportation Department CIO Ryan Cote stated that we are still in the early stages of AI and machine learning adoption. According to FedTech, an online magazine that explores technology issues and successes that federal IT leaders and managers face when they're evaluating and implementing a solution, there is still a great deal of hesitancy when it comes to using AI tools for cybersecurity. 

Air Force CTO Frank Konieczny stated that the issue of cybersecurity is much larger than any of these small pinpoint efforts that AI and ML tools are providing. He said that robotic process automation technology has taken care of some of the "easy stuff," "but when you get to cybersecurity, it’s tough.”