Mom Turns Boredom Into Big Bucks Through Instagram Influencing 
Thu, September 29, 2022

Mom Turns Boredom Into Big Bucks Through Instagram Influencing 

Photo Credit via Andy Griffiths Photography 


Lancashire mom Octavia Lamb didn’t expect to become as big an influencer as she is now when she started to grow her Instagram from just a meager following to 24,500 followers, which she was able to do after she bought a camera, an editing app, and turned her Instagram posts more creative. 

In a report by the Daily Mail UK, 25-year-old Octavia first had the idea to turn her Instagram creative when she noticed that the well-taken, edited images she would upload would usually get more likes. Following that trend, she went on and bought a Nikon 500 camera for £500 and bought an app called Lightroom for £4 a month. 

She also began tagging her pictures with #mum and #family, which she said also boosted her follower count. That’s usually how people navigate through Instagram, which has helped the right people reach Octavia and boost her following enough that she is now technically a microinfluencer. 

And so, from scraping, Octavia tells Daily Mail that they were now “living like VIPs”; her two boys get sent toys, they got a full HD TV, and one time, Octavia said she was even given £20,000 worth of gifts “in exchange for posting about the products” on her Instagram.

Octavia said she is very grateful for the big change that her account @thelambfamilyadventures has brought to their lives, and in such an unexpected way, too! 

“It’s helped us so much money-wise. Before, we were an average family just about getting by. But now, we can do things we’d never have been able to afford before -- now we can take the kids on day trips all the time, eat out a lot and do fun things like family photoshoots.” 

Octavia also mentioned that she could even go on events as a VIP with her family. 

“I don’t have any contracts or any formal agreements. The brands just trust to post honestly about them on my page,” she says.