AI is Transforming the Entertainment Industry
Wed, April 21, 2021

AI is Transforming the Entertainment Industry

AI can greatly improve marketing and advertising platforms in the entertainment industry / Credits: nampix via Shutterstock


Many industries have admitted needing help from artificial intelligence as our society becomes more tech-oriented than ever. The entertainment industry, in particular, is investing in AI to address existing problems/issues as well as improve the current status of the field.

According to ReadWrite, an online site that provides an analysis of web products and trends, AI can help make the search results more accurate, increasing the speed and efficiency of the overall classification and search process. The entertainment industry needs this to make the process of movie classification much faster, which usually takes way too much time. With AI, it is now possible to upload a photo and get similar images based on its visual look, instead of typing keywords. 

AI can greatly help in giving the best marketing and advertising platforms. It can be used for making all marketing processes a few times faster by utilizing predictive analytics. For instance, American multinational information technology company IBM was able to create a six-minute trailer of a horror film called “Morgan” using AI, which usually requires weeks of human work. The algorithms have analyzed over 100 typical horror movies, audio, and visual elements to create content with the most spectacular and catchy moments that have to appear in a trailer. 

AI can also be used to deal with audience targeting, generate campaign strategies, and create effective customer solutions. For instance, Alibaba Luban, an AI-based graphic design tool, can create visual designs hundreds of times faster than a human. At the same time, the technology is also helpful in improving and customizing user personalization. A perfect example of this is how Netflix uses AI and algorithms to predict the user’s potential choices and preferences. 

Additionally, chatbots can be useful in media and entertainment because they can allow users to interact or communicate with their favorite characters or celebrities. This experience will strengthen the bond between fans and characters or movie stars and increase engagement.