Woman Breaks Up With Boyfriend and Now Unsure How to Tell Her Cat About It
Fri, December 9, 2022

Woman Breaks Up With Boyfriend and Now Unsure How to Tell Her Cat About It


Sometimes relationships work out, and sometimes they don’t. In this particular breakup, no one was more devastated than a cat who loved his owner’s boyfriend “more than anything.” 

After their breakup, it became clear to 22-year-old Abby Govindan that both she and her cat were suffering after the split. In a report by the Daily Mail, a British daily middle-market newspaper published in London in a tabloid format, Govindan shared the experience on Twitter as simply a way to vent and talk about her recent breakup and how it’s affected her rescue cat, Anjali, whom she adopted a year ago. 

Govindan’s dated her now ex-partner for seven months, and during that time, Anjali had gotten attached to her boyfriend and bonded with him more. But now that he is gone, Anjali seemed not to take it very well. Govindan saw this when the cat came up to her after the breakup and “was more affectionate” to her than usual. Eventually, Govindan admitted she wasn’t sure how to tell her cat that she and her boyfriend have split up and that it is the end of their relationship. 


Photo Credit: Abby Govindan on Twitter


This was when she tweeted: “How do I explain to my cat, who loved my boyfriend more than anything in the world, that he is never coming over again ever?” 

The tweet struck a chord with many on Twitter who have had the same experience, and soon, the post became viral. As of writing, it has already been retweeted 13,000 times and liked 251,000 times. 

While some shared images and stories about their cats’ own similar experience with attachment and subsequent loss of a family member or roommate, some made a few jokes to try and uplift the dour mood. 


Photo Credit: Ruben on Twitter


One user tweeted: “Give the cat to your ex and get a dog. They’re more loving and reliable than men anyway.” Another showed a picture of their cat just standing in the corner of their owner’s old roommate’s room, saying: “This was our cat when our roommate had moved out. She was so attached to her it was heartbreaking.”



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