Another TikTok Raising Awareness for Abuse Has Gone Viral 
Sun, January 23, 2022

Another TikTok Raising Awareness for Abuse Has Gone Viral 


The topic of domestic abuse is a sensitive one for so many people. Often, it’s so sensitive that there’s not much conversation around it. Whether the reason behind the silence is because of the shame a victim feels when they are invalidated, or it’s because of fear that their abusers will find out about them talking about it, domestic abuse is a serious thing and affects many men and women. 

So to raise awareness for it, Amber, 16, made a video on TikTok encouraging people not to “ignore the signs.” 

In many cases, people in abusive relationships feel trapped and are often dismissed. Backed by Lily Allen’s song “Not Fair,” Amber lip syncs while slowly unveiling these signs of abuse and domestic violence. 


Photo Credit via @makeupbyamber on TikTok 


In a report in The Sun, where screenshots of the video were shown, Amber is seen lip-syncing to Allen’s song and as the video progresses, Amber’s cheery face in the beginning becomes more and more bruised. 

Captioned “#pov your friend is trying to convince you the bruises you spotted aren’t from her boyfriend,” the video went viral quickly and has now been viewed almost two million times. The message had also apparently been so poignant that it received 200,000 likes since being uploaded, while those with similar experiences touched base with each other about their own experience with domestic abuse. 

People who have gone through the same thing praised her for shedding light on the issue. Another lamented her own experience and expressed how thankful she had been to “come out on the other side.” 


Photo Credit via Katarzyna Bialasiewicz via 123RF


When she was asked by the BBC about the message of her video, she said that she hoped that people “don’t ignore the signs of domestic abuse.” She said she was inspired to raise awareness for this matter after a family friend of hers became a victim of domestic abuse. 



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