Nurse Who Gave Abstinence as Medical Advice Draws Flak, Defends it was to Help “Little Girls” 
Thu, February 2, 2023

Nurse Who Gave Abstinence as Medical Advice Draws Flak, Defends it was to Help “Little Girls” 


TikTok has seen a lot of doctors and nurses uploading videos on the platform recently and the trend seems to be nurses who believe they are sharing valuable content but can often feel a lot more like mockery. It happened before with a nurse on TikTok appearing to belittle people asking for medical help, and it is once again happening now with a nurse that maybe doesn’t have the best sexual health advice. 

According to a report by Yahoo News, the nurse had a massive social media following and the video that didn’t sit well with the viewers was the one where “Nurse Holly,” known to her 1.7 million followers, endorsed abstinence over sex. 

The advice was in relation to the issue of contracting sexually transmitted diseases, which she claimed could be avoided if people just waited for sex “until marriage.” Though she is a nurse, a lot of people pointed out that the advice itself still stands on pretty shaky evidence.


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For one thing, abstaining from sex before marriage does not guarantee that one will never contract any sexually transmitted diseases in their lifetime. If they find themselves married to one with a sexually transmitted disease, then the abstinence advice would technically not have worked. 

Others called out the nurse for the misinformation and underhanded discrimination that reeks from the video. 

One Twitter user pointed out that, in response to another Twitter user who has since made her profile private, “promoting irresponsible and biased rhetoric regarding public health in an effort to go viral is so low and so so dangerous. Abstinence teaching does not equate to safe sex.” 


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Nurse Holly eventually removed the clip and addressed the issue directly, defending her message by saying that the video was intended for the younger people in her audience. She said: 

“I understand that my voice will not be accepted by many as it’s an unpopular view. This video was simply created with the intention of helping little girls see that saving sex for one partner may have certain benefits.” 



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