This Man Casually Eating His Meal While A Fight Rages On Is Such a Mood 
Sat, April 10, 2021

This Man Casually Eating His Meal While A Fight Rages On Is Such a Mood 


A man calmly eating his meal while people were fighting inside a restaurant has caught the attention of many on the internet recently.

According to a report by Fox News, the fight began in a kebab shop in England. In the footage, the fight starts off when some staff behind the counter start throwing things at a customer. And then the video pans to show two staff getting out from behind the counter and into the open to confront the customer. 

It is then that we see a man sitting calmly at his table, eating his meal, as he watches the fight unfold. 

Eventually, we can see other people who try to break up the fight, but even then, the man remains seated, eating casually, with seemingly not a care in the world. 

The video, shared by Beth Deakin, has already racked up quite a viewership, with most people commenting on Chris Hill specifically, the man who is seen just casually eating his food and not jumping in to interfere with the fight in any way, helping to break up the fight, or leaving so he won’t get involved. 


Photo Credit: Beth Deakin on Twitter


When the story went viral (not surprising since it has already been viewed 21 million times), Yahoo News asked Hill why he had remained seated while the fight was going on, and he said that he was just “enjoying his kebab” and decided to just continue eating. He also apparently didn’t like the fries. 

The 52-year-old immediately became an internet sensation for being a “minding-your-business” icon and some even said it was possibly the funniest video they’ve seen on the internet. Deakin’s post, as of writing, has already had more than 10,000 retweets, has been liked 44,500 times, and has more than over 13,500 comments.

With regard to the fight, authorities weren’t called to the scene. 


Photo Credit via Beth Deakin on Twitter



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