A Man’s Video of Him Cuddling it Up with a Pride of Lions Goes Viral 
Thu, April 22, 2021

A Man’s Video of Him Cuddling it Up with a Pride of Lions Goes Viral 


Wild animals are called “wild” for a reason. They have instincts that they cannot control and taking that lightly is usually what gets humans in trouble. However, a man from Australia is challenging that notion as he shared videos of himself on his Instagram kicking it with the lions. 

Even though Dean Schneider has been hanging out with the lions for quite a while now, it was only recently when one of his videos went viral on Twitter when Twitter user Mackie shared the video. 

In a report by India Today, Mackie expressed her interest in the video with the caption: “I literally stalked this guy’s IG stories/page until he posted this video. I can exhaust my data on his page. This is so satisfying to watch.” 


Photo Credit: Mackie on Twitter



In the video, we see Schneider crouching as two lionesses approach him. The animals appear excited, and so is Schneider. And when they finally reach each other, the result is just pure love. The rest of the video shows Schneider hugging the lionesses and, like their smaller domestic cat counterparts, the lions are seen rubbing their heads on Schneider, even play fighting with him. 

Of course, there are some pretty mixed opinions on the safety of what Schneider is doing, although a quick look at his Instagram shows us that he looks like he knows what he’s doing. In one video, he is seen interacting with a lion when it was still young and when it has grown to be a majestic adult. 

Some people raised questions about the video. One person asked if Schneider had the lions declawed, a medical procedure considered inhumane where animals’ claws would be surgically removed. Another answered the question and said that Schneider makes sure that the lions are living as wild as possible. 


Photo Credit via Dean Schneider on YouTube



There are obviously some reservations for what Schneider is doing, but everyone mostly agrees that it is lovely to see man and wild animals getting along well. 



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