More Male Celebs Are Rocking This Prada Bolo Tie 
Mon, April 19, 2021

More Male Celebs Are Rocking This Prada Bolo Tie 


Prada never goes out of style, such is the luxury of a name brand, and it turns out a new accessory from the brand is once again making its way to red carpets across Hollywood, decorating the necks of stars such as Quavo from the rap group Migos, and even Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers. 

According to Page Six, a source for celebrity news, gossip, entertainment, and pop culture, the cowboy-inspired accessory is Prada’s attempt to infuse “yeehaw couture,” which was prominent in 2019, into streetwear, which is a trend that designer brands have been following since it exploded. 

The neck accessory has Prada’s logo, front and center, and made headlines when it was first seen on Nick Jonas, who recently attended the Golden Globes this month wearing the accessory. 

Nick Jonas seems to have started quite the movement when he wore it to the Golden Globes because not long after, Quavo used it to complement his top to toe Prada drip at a Sunday Prada show in Milan during Pitti Uomo. Dylan Sprouse was also there, who was also wearing the accessory, along with his khaki pants and button-down shirt. 


Photo Credit via NSS Mag


Other personalities jumping on the bandwagon were Evan Mock, a skateboarder, and Pelayo Díaz, a Spanish blogger, and even R&B artist Frank Ocean, during his new campaign for Prada. 

Prada described the accessory as a “new type of accessory… a string tie characterized by the sliding triangle element that adjusts its length.” 

In no time, the accessory might even be styled by other celebrities who embrace the whole country look, like rapper Megan Thee Stallion, who is known to wear cowboy hats on stage, Lil Nas X, who likes tasseled jackets, Post Malone, and even Diplo. 


Photo Credit via Bernard Smalls, and Keila Anne, TIME


If you’re interested in this fashion item, though, it will set you back a good $240, and it is available in select boutiques and online stores. 



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