There Is an Actual Boardroom Table at this Boardroom Suite -- It’s Right Beside the Bed! 
Thu, September 29, 2022

There Is an Actual Boardroom Table at this Boardroom Suite -- It’s Right Beside the Bed! 


Hotels with additional amenities are always good places to spend the night in, but this suite in O’Hare Comfort Inn in particular went viral on the internet really quickly thanks to the fact that it seems to be an actual boardroom suite, in that a long boardroom table is situated just a couple of steps from the bed. 

In a report by One Mile At a Time, a website providing news and tips for anyone looking to travel around the world, it was Eoin Carrigan on Twitter who first discovered this boardroom suite and found it hilarious. Pretty soon, he was uploading and sharing it over on Twitter, talking about how strange the name of the room initially felt for him, only to find out it’s like a 'what you see is what you get' situation. 

In the tweet, he wrote: 


Photo Credit via Eoin Carrigan on Twitter


“Flight out of Chicago cancelled so I’ve been put up in the O’Hare Comfort Inn. Lady at reception said I’m in the ‘Boardroom Suite.’ I thought to myself ‘weird name,’ then walked into this…”
Attached to the caption is a picture of the Boardroom Suite, which is popular now on Twitter. The tweet went viral quickly, racking up 7,100 retweets, more than 76,000 likes, and over 7,900 comments.   

Turns out, Carrigan is not the only one with strange experiences with hotel rooms being given in the event of a cancelled flight. Someone in the comments experienced something similar to Carrigan, saying that the room she was put in did not have a shower but had a 12-person boardroom table inside. She wrote: 


Photo Credit via Hanna Faghfoury on Twitter


“This is the room I was offered at the Westin in Ottawa a few weeks ago when there was no room avail for me. No shower, but at least there was a twin-sized roll out cot at the end of the 12-person boardroom table?” 



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