9-Month-Old Baby Does Dishes in a Funny Viral Video 
Sat, January 28, 2023

9-Month-Old Baby Does Dishes in a Funny Viral Video 


A cute baby will always go viral. 

It’s like pet videos -- babies simply do cute things that people adore. But this baby did something really adorable that has made him instantly viral. 

In a report by Fox News, the video was taken by a mother of a 9-month-old baby. The adorable child was leaned over in the sink with his hands deep in a pot under the water. Arabia-Iman Tillery, the mother of the viral baby boy, tells Fox News that it all started when her baby was being “fussy,” like most babies do. 

It was at that time that Denise Jackson, Tillery’s mother, suggested that “they set up Chase at the sink, to occupy his attention before putting him down.” According to Tillery, the task was not only cute but it was also connected to what Chase really loved: water. 

Tillery said Chase took really well to the task after Tillery’s mom suggested it, and it even helped him calm down. 

The video went viral after Tillery posted the video on Twitter, captioned: 


Photo Credit via Arabia-Iman Tillery on Twitter


“My mom has my 9-month-old doing dishes.” 

It’s only about 15 seconds long but clearly adorable. As of writing, the video already has two million views, more than 50,000 retweets, and over 225,000 likes. It also has 48,000 comments. 

One user who saw the video commented on how well Chase was washing a spoon he was holding, saying: 

“He washing the hell out that spoon.” 

Another one made a joke about the hilariousness of the situation, writing: 

“That’s right, earn your keep. He needs to talk to these other lazybone babies. Just napping and enjoying.”


Photo Credit via Twitter


According to Tillery, though, the trick apparently worked all too well in the end that Tillery now had to make Chase stop washing the dishes because he loved it so much.  



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