Kim Kardashian Speaks Up About Bizarre Video of Husband Kanye West Supposedly Falling Off a Horse
Thu, February 2, 2023

Kim Kardashian Speaks Up About Bizarre Video of Husband Kanye West Supposedly Falling Off a Horse

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are two people who are always in the limelight. Kanye, for being an iconic rapper, and Kim, for being a reality star. Because of this, some very bizarre things happen to them on a daily basis. 

As reported by showbiz news site Cheat Sheet, a video went online claiming that Kanye West fell off a horse in a Church service and while the more perceptive of the online crowd would know immediately that it’s not Kanye on its back, some still fell for it. 

This prompted Kim to speak up about the bizarre video, which has apparently circulated so much that it formed too many rumors already. 

The video starts off with a person on a horse wearing a handkerchief around their head. Women are seen dancing on a stage as the person on the horse rides in front of the stage. After a while, the horse appears to “get jumpy and the man falls off.” 

Although there is no striking resemblance between the person and Kanye, even 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg fell for it. 50 Cent even posted it on his Instagram. 


Photo Credit via 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg on Twitter


Because of this, Kanye West’s wife had enough. She tweeted: 

“Please where is the fact checking?!?! I have seen this false story circulating. This is not Kanye and this is not the Sunday Service Choir.” 

To truly put the rumors to rest, Kim even posted more clips of the real Sunday Service to clear the air once and for all. Since Kim spoke up, the video has already been taken down. 


Photo Credit via Kim Kardashian West on Twitter


Kim’s fans agreed with her sentiment and also echoed how impossible it was that it could be Kanye on that horse. Most of them felt as though the video just went around to mock Kanye, another called the whole attempt pathetic, while others were more concerned about the well-being of the horse in the video. 



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