Industries Are Seeing AI-Driven Changes In the Future
Thu, September 29, 2022

Industries Are Seeing AI-Driven Changes In the Future

AI analytics has improved the productivity and efficiency of various industries / Photo Credit: Sergey Nivens (via Shutterstock)


AI has become such an integral part of our everyday life, we are unaware of its impacts on society, wrote Forbes Technology Council, via business news platform Forbes. AI analytics has improved the productivity and efficiency of various industries, from manufacturing to retail. In the coming year, AI will most likely take more strides to revolutionize industries and adapt to how they function at the elementary level. 

Craig Walker of Dialpad emphasized that robots are not going to take over customer service. In fact, people will still want to talk to real humans to express their concerns or get information. AI will help bolster representative-customer interactions. By offering instant information and support, reps can be more productive and efficient, resulting in more positive conversations for all parties. Guy Yalif of Intellimize said AI can be a superpower for marketers to accelerate their careers, deliver more value to their companies, and get more work done. Well-applied AI is useful across the marketing funnel, as it can deliver personalized experiences to each and every individual, engage prospects in real-time, and predict which prospects are of higher value.

When it comes to online and mobile payments, Calendar’s Jon Bradshaw stated that AI will help secure online and mobile payments. It can also stop identity theft “through a much faster and accurate response time that understands when there is a questionable transaction.” In healthcare, the industry will most benefit from AI, said Abe Ankumah of Nyansa. AI is now used by massive providers like Mayo Clinics, Texas Children’s Hospital, and others to enhance the quality of patient care and the productivity of health professionals. Improving the performance and security of IoT devices on the network is at the core of the AI trend. 

In the cybersecurity field, AI infused with user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) will optimize cybersecurity operations, stated Jason Lau. Therefore, firms will be in a better position to detect security threats. Unfortunately, hackers can leverage AI-enabled malware to “create new forms of weapons,” which could go undetected in a firm’s network.