British Airways to Launch AI-Powered Robots This 2020
Thu, April 22, 2021

British Airways to Launch AI-Powered Robots This 2020

The AI-powered robots of British Airways can improve the flight experience of passengers / Credits: Zapp2Photo via Shutterstock


The world’s airlines have been harnessing artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies to address current issues in flights. For instance, British Airways is headed towards smoother operations, fewer delays, and more intuitive and user-friendly passenger experience. CEO Alex Cruz announced some new initiatives at the AI Summit aimed at improving the flying experience. 

According to Forbes, a global media company focusing on business, investing, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership, and lifestyle, British Airways is planning to use AI to track and predict delays before they happen, reduce queues, and streamline the movement of cargo and bags. Last year, British Airways announced it was trialing a new boarding system and planning to use other technologies biometrics. 

Recently, it announced that it is set to trial AI-powered robots at Heathrow Terminal 5. The robots, which are provided by tech company BotsAndUs, can escort passengers to locations such as special assistance zones.

“These smart robots are the latest innovation allowing us to free up our people to deal with immediate issues and offer that one-on-one service we know our customers appreciate,” Ricardo Vidal, head of innovation at British Airways, said in a statement.

These new solutions come after British Airways suffered an IT problem in August, which resulted in the delay and cancellations of flights. In May 2017, another IT failure resulted in 672 flights being canceled. According to CNBC, the world leader in business news and real-time financial market coverage, the AI-powered robots are designed to interact with passengers in multiple languages. They can also answer “thousands” of questions, providing passengers with services such as real-time flight information.

“In the future, I envisage a fleet of robots working side-by-side with our people offering a truly seamless travel experience,” Vidal added.

The UK is not the only country leveraging AI in its airports. Qantas recently wrapped up a trial of facial recognition technology so passengers can sign up to use their “face as a boarding pass” at Sydney Airport, Australia.