Harry Styles Guarded a Stranger’s Dog and It Went Viral 
Thu, October 21, 2021

Harry Styles Guarded a Stranger’s Dog and It Went Viral 


Harry Styles watched a stranger’s dog while he was inside a restaurant with a no-dogs-allowed policy.

According to a report by the online media company Insider.com, it all started when Twitter user @yusufyuie asked about the “most awkward or interesting” interaction those on Twitter have had with a celebrity. Rory Carroll, a 42-year-old Reuters journalist, shared how he had once met Harry Styles at a restaurant in Hollywood. 

He was going to take out an order originally, but the problem was he was with his puppy at the time and the restaurant had a no-dogs-allowed policy. Harry Styles was there just in time and offered to watch his dog, Oscar, for him. 



“Harry Styles saw my predicament, tapped me on the shoulder and said he could watch Oscar while I went in. What a guy,” Carroll praised, and hordes of fans flocked to the post also very interested in the story. 

Carroll told Insider that the fact that the story went viral so fast was unexpected for him. He had already posted about the encounter on both Facebook and Instagram when Oscar was only six months old. He was thoroughly surprised by the reception he got from people on Twitter.

At the time, Carroll said his overprotectiveness of his puppy made him worry about what he was going to do. He even admitted that had a person asked him if they could watch his dog, he was already “prepared to say no.” 


Photo Credit via Helene Pambrun


But Carroll said Harry’s boy band image was what won over his trust in the end, because he felt as though that boy band image meant he could be trusted. And so, he introduced Oscar and himself and Harry then introduced himself. 

As of writing, the tweet now has 13,600 retweets, and more than 69,000 likes. 



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