“Penis Man” Graffiti Tags Annoy Local News 
Mon, April 19, 2021

“Penis Man” Graffiti Tags Annoy Local News 


Every once in a while in local news, things get a little strange. Sometimes, even annoying, like how a local unknown graffiti artist in Tempe, Arizona has been tagging establishments with graffiti under the moniker “penis man” as reported by Cinema Blend. 

According to the report by the television, movies, and popular culture website, the tags began circulating around the establishments from 2019 to 2020 in the city of Tempe. Because of this person’s ways, so many in the city are now trying to hunt him down. 

Initially, it had just been a concern for the citizens of Tempe, but after the news of this unknown “penis man” spread on the internet, local news reporter Zach Crenshaw was surprised at how easily everyone took to the matter and used this publicity to encourage people to participate in the effort of finding the tagger. 


Photo Credit via Chris Curtis


Crenshaw described the tagger as “someone who has struck the city a number of times over the past month,” that number being 40, Crenshaw reports. While Crenshaw understands that graffiti tagging on the streets and alleys of Tempe is not a rare occurrence, as evidenced by the city’s 300,000 graffiti tagging incidents in 2019, this one was particularly annoying for Crenshaw. 

Crenshaw said the graffiti felt to him more like “something you’d expect to see in a middle school locker room.” 

Middle school locker room quality they may be, but beyond the annoyance in the city, some couldn’t help but notice the clever thought of where the tagger puts the tag in the first place. Some tags were cleverly placed in certain signs that elicited comedic effect, and some were just randomly placed in abandoned buildings, dumpsters, old couches, and other places. 


Photo Credit via ABC15 Arizona 


Whether people found the tags annoying or comedic, the city of Tempe said they are committed to repainting where the penis man strikes and said they will continue to do so until he is brought to justice. 



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