Making An IoT Partner Channel Strategy Pay Off
Fri, December 9, 2022

Making An IoT Partner Channel Strategy Pay Off

Avent's platform is more of an operating system /Photo Credit: giggsy25 (via Shutterstock)


At CES 2020, Avnet announced its IoTConnect platform, Partner Program, and Marketplace, setting a precedent in channel programs developed to provide resellers with what they need to compete, win, and monetize IoT-based client engagements, wrote Louis Columbus of business news website Forbes. Avnet’s platform is powered by Microsoft’s Azure IoT Suite, which has a record of providing developers with APIs and integration technologies to link devices integral to “delivering software and hardware-based IoT solutions.” 

The company’s platform, Partner Program, and Marketplace overcome barriers faced by resellers, systems integrators (SIs), and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Avnet is also offering a proof-of-concept deployment via IoTConnect platform’s “Play Zone” feature, enabling members to test their new technology solutions in a safe environment. “IoT is complex, with unique hardware, software and security requirements at every stage of the development cycle,” said Pete Bartolotta, president of business transformation for Avnet.” He added that with Avnet’s Partner Program and the upcoming Marketplace, they are “putting proven IoT solutions in the hands of partners and systems integrators so they can scale their businesses and accelerate the adoption of IoT.” 

Avnet’s platform is designed to provide resellers the flexibility to integrate traditional, legal IT, and operation technology (OT) environments and streamline new solutions development with microservices and a full set of DevOps tools. It can also capture, analyze, and present recommendations based on rich, real-time data from IoT sensors across client deployments. When IoT data is combined with supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms, insight and intuition-driven decision making from the shop floor to the top floor will be achievable. Through the use of a stable, reliable, unified, data set, IoT connect can offer “descriptive, predictive and perspective analytics that can be used in real-time dashboards.” 

Overall, Avnet’s platform is more of an operating system rather than a reseller enablement strategy. It’s rare to find a distribution-centric company that prioritizes platform stability and end-to-end scale over short-term gains. Avnet realized that it needs to overwhelm its partners’ customers with value first before Marketplace can drive revenue to every reseller.