Why AI and Big Data Is Unified Analytics
Thu, February 2, 2023

Why AI and Big Data Is Unified Analytics

Big data solutions companies offer AI solutions to extract underlying information/Photo Credit: giggsy25 (via Shutterstock)


For the last few years, big data and AI solutions are no longer the latest disciplines in technology, said Prashant Gurav of Jaxenter, a programming and tech news platform. In big data consulting services, it has started to lag due to a lack of data. But thanks to AI solutions, massive data sets contain a variety of industrial segments and offer absolute services. Big data solutions companies offer AI solutions, taking on a unique approach to harden their data and extract underlying information. 

With a unified data analytics platform, organizations can optimize overall business efficiency, enabling you to deploy AI models with ease. In fact, a large number of big data solutions providers offer instant results and generalized data to enhance efficiency. End-to-end and AI solutions require the help of unified data analytics to make the said platforms productive. It enables developers to create and prototype the pipelines and other technical dimensions in the distributed cluster. Big data consulting services can benefit from advanced analytics technology, allowing organizations to study volumes of data including structured, unstructured, or semi-structured data.   

The combination of AI and big data has provided a training ground for big data services companies to learn new skills. Of course, modern enterprise solutions are based on big data solutions and AI. With the potential of AI and big data, companies can deliver innovative and transformative solutions enterprises. One of the benefits of unified data analytics is cost reduction through big data consulting services or technologies like Hadoop along with cloud-based analytics. This helps control expenses in storing data. Another benefit is decision-making. If speed offered by big data services and in-memory technology is combined with new source data code, these could provide data-driven insights to business platforms. 

Lastly, AI and big data analytics can aid in detecting fraud. Big data solutions providers can help mitigate the risk of fraud or any fraudulent engagement with the enterprise. As a whole, big data services firms are offering better-integrated data analytics services and AI to speed up innovation.