Why AI Explainability Is Critical
Thu, April 22, 2021

Why AI Explainability Is Critical

The ability to explain something is an underrated skill / Photo Credit: Jirsak (via Shutterstock)


Being good at explaining things is an underrated talent that is essential for success in the tech-centric world, said Quentin Hardy of business news website Forbes. In leadership, having the ability to explain how and why something is functioning has always been a high-value pursuit. How you explain something shows how you see the world, and the way you convey your intentions is equated to effective selling and great speeches. In the end, explainability can help stir action. This is why Steve Jobs and other leaders would spend ample time on a product presentation. Through his product, he was showing people a new way to see their world, 

That level of patience and skill is needed in businesses where cloud computing, AI, and data are revolutionizing the way we live, work, and play. These technologies are powerful, delivering new insights, making things happen at a much faster rate, and tapping into an increasing number of areas in life. Hence, using these technologies and telling people how they function and why they did something is of paramount importance. Providing fast and accurate answers to inquiries, easy navigation, and organized web pages shows a great understanding of a user’s needs and product capabilities. 

In the AI field, there’s “explainability.” The word means sorting what it did, what sort of data is used, and why certain conclusions were made. For example, if a machine learning algorithm made business decisions, they need to be properly documented and presented. Explainability aids business leaders in understanding why their firm is doing what they’re doing with AI. This will become more important in legal matters or in regulated activities. Hence, AI specialists need to ensure that their data is free of bias and the results their programs reached are consistent. 

AI has the potential to improve our lives. However, the more we understand it, the more valuable AI will become. A well-examined and understood AI unearths biases that emerge “among the humans the algorithm was aping.” Departments that can explain themselves well to other parts of the company guarantees better outcomes because they’ll be understood.