A Handicapped Dog Was Left on the Side of a Road--Thankfully It’s Been Rescued
Thu, February 2, 2023

A Handicapped Dog Was Left on the Side of a Road--Thankfully It’s Been Rescued


For those of us who have beloved pet companions, it’s hard to imagine abandoning them out in the streets for whatever reason. It’s just too hard to comprehend, given the unconditional love that animals bestow on us that is simply unmatched. 

So, naturally, people were baffled by a video showing a woman leaving a handicapped dog on the side of the road in Brazil. 

According to Yahoo News, the video was posted on Facebook by Ana Paula Scherer, and it quickly gained traction. As of writing, the video has been viewed 13 million times and shared 591,000 times. It has 154,000 comments of confused, angry, and concerned citizens. 

The video also made its way to local news network Band Jornalismo, which shared the security footage. In the video, a woman is seen getting out of a white car in Sao Leopoldo in Port Alegre. After getting out of the car, she “then opens a rear passenger door and two dogs—one black and another white—come out. She instructs the black dog to hop back into the car but shoos the white one, which is missing front limbs, away.” 


Photo Credits: Ana Paula Scherer on Facebook 


After this, the woman is seen driving away, leaving the handicapped dog all alone. 

The poor dog has luckily been found and rescued and given the name “Timtim.” Since the post, another Brazilian news site G1 reported that TimTim’s time in the social media spotlight has led to at least 20 people saying they would gladly adopt him. 


Photo Credit: Thales Ferreira 


Sempa, or the Secretariat of Animal Protection, said they have already scheduled interviews for these people and will be careful to go through each candidate to make sure that he will no longer be abandoned. The woman in the video has yet to be found.



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