AI and Chatbots Can Improve Real Estate Industry
Tue, April 20, 2021

AI and Chatbots Can Improve Real Estate Industry

AI and chatbots can increase company sales and provide a better customer experience / Credits: tsyhun via Shuttersock


Artificial intelligence has brought major changes and solutions to industries like healthcare and enterprise. Now, it has entered the world of real estate. Along with chatbots, AI can boost a company and engage new customers, increase sales, and provide a better customer experience. AI can not only boost real estate businesses, providing faster services, but also predict the demand or offer more personalized suggestions with the help of analytical algorithms.

According to Chatbot News Daily, the number one source about chatbots in Europe, AI can help the real estate industry by introducing smart transactions. Usually, purchasing a home or property can be extremely stressful since there would be a lot of documentation and transactions. Thus, companies are slowly relying on AI to address this issue. For instance, startup JetClosing has created a technical solution for closing real estate deals. Buyers will be immediately notified about any changes in the transaction.

Also, AI can predict the value of a property by collecting and analyzing data about the clients and their preferences. It can predict the rent demand for a certain period of time and even allow customers to see the future benefits of their purchase. At the same time, the technology provides customers with an improved search system and personalized recommendations. This would help them in looking for a new home without spending too much time on the task. AI analyzes customers’ preferences and values and offers more appropriate variants.

Meanwhile, chatbots can help the real estate industry as it provides customers with quick answers to the most common questions, which can lead to increasing customers’ satisfaction and experience. It helps keep the users’ attention and provide a more personalized user experience. Also, chatbots can conduct 360-degree tours which can help customers see a house or property even though they are not physically present. Chatbots can offer a quick virtual tour showing all the necessary details.