Spectre App Introduces AI-Powered Camera
Wed, April 21, 2021

Spectre App Introduces AI-Powered Camera

Spectre's AI-powered camera can modify the ways people take long exposure images / Credits: Yulia Grogoryeva via Shutterstock


Many of us want to look at every photo we post. People want to make sure that the photos of the places they go to or the food they eat are “Insta-worthy.” Thus, it’s not surprising that many of us invest in smartphones that have a high-quality camera or choose a camera app that could bring us desirable photos. One of these apps is Spectre, a product developed by Halide, a popular iOS camera app. 

The Spectre app is powered by artificial intelligence designed to modify the ways people take long exposure images by using some unique machine learning and stabilization techniques. The long exposure is common in DSLR, which can make ordinary night time into something very artistic with the streaks of light from cars. Its features are so fascinating, it bagged the ‘Best iPhone App of 2019’ award.

According to MobileAppDaily, an unchallenged pioneer of the mobile app industry that caters to the need of tech geeks, the Spectre app offers several functionalities such as auto-stabilization, scene detection, and intelligent exposure. It uses computer vision tech to auto-detect the environment. It then stabilizes the frame and captures long exposure pictures by arranging multiple frames together. The app also allows users to apply live-photo effects and use long exposure photos as live-wallpaper with the help of its intelligent computational shutter. 

According to TechObserver, the leading source of technology news from around the world covering a wide variety of topics, the app uses image stabilization and its computational shutter to make the process easy. This is because taking a long exposure shot usually requires a tripod or other stable surface.

The Spectre app keeps in mind the place where the user will take a photo. For instance, it has dark UI complemented with glowing highlights for dark shoots. The app also has custom typefaces and iconography combined that make it look like an actual physical camera, which can be helpful for professional photographers to get used to this long exposure camera app on a smartphone.