AI as a Service Will Take Off In 2020
Thu, April 22, 2021

AI as a Service Will Take Off In 2020

We are already seeing rapid growth in AI / Photo Credit: Willyam Bradberry (via Shutterstock)


The combination of SaaS business model and AI services could be offered to the masses at a reduced cost, said Daniel Newman of business news platform Forbes. In his perspective, the future of digital transformation depends on the democratization of new technologies. In 2020, AI is not just something nice to look at, it will be a necessity. Advances in AI are exponentially growing, with 5G and blockchain following behind for even bigger developments. Yes, some areas of AI are lagging such as speech recognition, but the industry is breaking new ground every single day. At the CES 2020, everything is connected and powered by data. In the future, that data will be leveraged for business optimization and customer service that are looking to harness the future of AI. 

The latter two are important because those developments mean nothing unless companies are ready to use the technology in the real world. This is what AI as a service means: “making new technology accessible across the board, whether a company is big, small, tech-advanced, or on a budget.” AI as a service will finally emerge in 2020 because of demand. Businesses nowadays see the value of AI. It has to be democratized first before we can see it everywhere such as in customer service. 

For AI to be optimized, it has to have an ecosystem of partners. For example, AWS works with NVIDIA to offer its GPU in the cloud. And that’s AI as a service. Another would be collaborating with an analytics firm to offer AI/analytics software platform as a service. As more providers venture into the AI industry, more businesses from various industries will be able to find the right solution that caters to their specific use-cases, making AI as a service more popular and AI adoption more global. 

Companies are catching up as AI offers the types of efficiencies they are looking for, ranging from data and storage to cloud-based apps. Soon, “AI as a service” will be hailed as a “service” on every front.