UPS Workers Meeting Dogs Has Become Such a Phenomenon That They Now Have Social Media Accounts 
Thu, October 21, 2021

UPS Workers Meeting Dogs Has Become Such a Phenomenon That They Now Have Social Media Accounts 


There’s truly nothing more adorable than cute animals and people who are enamored by them, as evidenced by the attention that the UPS social media accounts have been getting where UPS workers are pictured with the dogs they meet in the neighborhood. 

As reported by Fox Business, the accounts have been around for a while but it was not until recently that these accounts got a lot of attention. UPS Dogs on Facebook now has 1.6 million likes, their connected Instagram account now has 584,000 followers, while their Twitter has 18,000 follows. 


Photo Credit via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram 


Sean McCarren, the creator of UPS Dogs on Facebook, already thanked everyone who started to follow the page in 2017, after the first batch of followers came flocking after they were featured in BuzzFeed. 

In the heartfelt post, he expressed his gratitude for the “emails and messages” people would send him and said that he really started the page because he wanted to help even just a little bit to the people who might be “hurting out there.” “Hopefully, this brings happiness to you. I never thought that the page would take off like it did,” he’d said in awe of all the attention. 


Photo Credit via UPS Dogs on Facebook 


Looking at the pictures of all the good doggos featured on the page, it’s not hard to see why the accounts would get this much following. 

To keep up with the attention, not to mention the thousands of likes that the pictures rack up just for the sheer adorableness of it all, McCarren tells Fox Business that he is helped by colleague Donna Whitaker, another UPS driver, to run the account. 

Because it seems to be such a common occurrence, McCarren also tells Fox Business that they have so many submissions that usually fill posts for months in advance. 

People can send in their entries via the email 



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