Safe Doggo, Good Doggo: Dog Wearing a Helmet On a Motorcycle With Its Owner 
Fri, September 30, 2022

Safe Doggo, Good Doggo: Dog Wearing a Helmet On a Motorcycle With Its Owner 


A cute doggo went viral on Twitter after a video was uploaded of it obediently sitting on the back of a motorcycle with its owner. As if to add to the cuteness of the video, the dog was also wearing a helmet for safety reasons.

According to a report by India Today, a weekly Indian English-language news magazine, the video was taken on the streets of Tamil Nadu where the dog even had “both legs apart and holding on to its owner for support,” much like a human would if they were riding a motorcycle. 

As of writing, the video already has 64,000 views, 1,600 retweets, and 4,900 likes. It’s 17 seconds long and shows just how delighted this very safe doggo is with his trip. However, all the attention the video has gotten is not all positive. 


Photo Credit via Pramod Madhav on Twitter


Amazement and doubt filled the crowds who had seen the video. Some remarked how truly amusing it was while others worried for the safety of the dog. One user eloquently and simply put it by saying: 

“This is not the correct method to travel with pet animals.” 

Another user was in agreement, too, saying that the owner could potentially be “endangering the poor animal’s life.” Seeing as how the video also showed the owner balancing a basket in front of him on the motorcycle, the user noted that the dog could be in trouble because the owner would also be using his concentration to keep the basket from falling. 


Photo Credit via Twitter


Others simply wanted to enjoy the video. One Twitter user described the video as “so heartening and lovely.” 

Another one joked about the video, commenting on the fact that the dog wearing a helmet was truly “something” to see “in a state where almost no one wears a helmet!”



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